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Tech at GSA website

This is the website for the GSA Office of the Chief Technology Officer.


This is a Hugo-based website designed to be published on the Federalist platform.

The website utilizes the US Web Design System.


Install Prerequisites

Ensure you have the following installed on your local machine:

Building and previewing the website

First, install the project's dependencies:

npm install

Then you can run the site locally with live reloading and local CMS:

npm start

You should now be able to preview the site on your local machine at http://localhost:1313/. The CMS is at http://localhost:1313/admin/.



This project uses Hugo Pipes to manage most static asset files. It also uses uswds-compile to manage USWDS-specific assets, as well as the site's stylesheet.

To override USWDS settings, edit assets/sass/uswds-settings.scss. We generally prefer to customize these settings rather then create new CSS style declarations when possible.

To edit site styles, use assets/sass/styles.scss.

After changing the styles, recompile them with npx gulp compile. Or you can automatically compile edited Sass files during development by running: npx gulp watch or just npx gulp.

Note that when updating USWDS to a newer version, it may be necessary to manually merge the newer files with the customizations to ensure that USWDS is importing the site's custom styles file.


As a work of the United States Government, this project is in the public domain within the United States.