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Redaction Legend

Redaction Icon - Redaction Icon

Partial Redaction Icon - Partial Redaction Icon

Clear Redaction Icon - Clear Redaction Icon allows agency users to redact certain metadata for their non-public and restricted public datasets. For some metadata fields, it is also possible to mark for partial redaction.

Instructions on how to use Redaction / Partial Redaction Feature:

  1. To redact a particular metadata field value, click the ![Redaction Icon] ( icon that is placed next to the metadata field label.

  2. After the above step, a drop down field will appear below the metadata field, select the corresponding reason for redaction value in the drop down box.

  3. If a partial redaction of a field is required, after the above two steps are completed, highlight the part of the text that needs to be partially redacted, and then click the icon ![Partial Redaction Icon] ( to insert the necessary redaction tags in the metadata field.

  4. If “abc” text is partially redacted in a particular field, the below opening and closing tags will appear in the metadata field after completing step 3.


  1. If other text than the original "abc" text, let's call it “xyz” text, needs to be partially redacted in the same field, follow the same steps in #3 for the “xyz” text. Once the action is completed, the below tags will appear. If the reason code for the redaction needs to be changed for this text, the reason code value in the drop down box needs to be changed before performing the “Partial Redaction” action.


  1. When the metadata field supports the partial redaction feature, then only ![Partial Redaction Icon] ( (Partial Redaction) and ![Clear Redaction Icon] ( (Clear Redaction) icons will be displayed after the “FOIA Exception for Redaction” drop down value is selected. In fields where partial redaction is not available, only the R icon will be displayed.

  2.  To clear a full redaction on a particular field, select the "Select FIOA Exemption Reason for Redaction" value from the dropdown under the field.
  3. To clear partial redactions that are added on a particular field, click on the ![Clear Redaction Icon] ( icon that is displayed below the metadata field.

  4.  Once all of the redaction updates have been made on the dataset page, click the "Update Dataset" button. All redactions will be noted on the page with the ![Redaction Icon] ( icon. Partially redacted text will be displayed on the various page as ~~strikethrough text~~. 
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