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What Is Just Inform

Just Inform is a simple library to help parse the daily XML feed from

Basic Usage

# Install the gem
gem install just_inform

# Load IRB

# Create a new parser instance (same as
parser =

# Return an array with the sort value (cost) and InformationCollectionRequest objects, :cost)  => 
[["33,672,000,000", U.S. Individual Income Tax Return], ["8,190,000,004", Rule 10b-10 Confirmation of Securities Transactions (17 C.F.R. 240.10b-10)], ["2,857,465,000", Exchange Act  Form 10-K], ["2,727,479,226", America Invents Act Section 10 Patent Fee Adjustments], ["1,801,830,000", Application for a U.S. Passport], ["1,300,147,200", ASSIST Database], ["1,280,341,567", Form SD], ["910,000,000", Online Application for Nonimmigrant Visa], ["791,160,764", Rules for Patent Maintenance Fees], ["772,798,833", Initial Patent Applications]]

You can also sort by burden hours (:burden) and number of responses (:responses).

Public domain

This project is in the public domain within the United States, and copyright and related rights in the work worldwide are waived through the CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication.

All contributions to this project will be released under the CC0 dedication. By submitting a pull request, you are agreeing to comply with this waiver of copyright interest.

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