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- title: Data Science Code-along Day
date: October 20, 2017
location: Washington, DC
txt: A hands-on learning day focused on GSA data science practioners
link: /events/event_code_along
image: /assets/img/event-images/CodeAlong_HeroImage-bluebg.png
featured: yes
- title: Grace Hopper Day Hackathon
date: December 10, 2016
location: Washington, DC
txt: A hackathon day honoring Grace Hopper on her 110th birthday focused on women in tech
link: /events/grace-hopper-hackathon
image: /assets/img/event-images/grace-hopper-event.jpg
featured: yes
- title: Earth Day Hackathon
date: April 22, 2016
location: Washington, DC
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