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Open311 Simple CRM

Open311 Simple CRM is a basic open source web application for storing problem reports and tracking requests. It also provides an Open311 API endpoint and should accept any report submitted over the Open311 API.


Open311 Simple CRM is written in PHP using the CodeIgniter framework. You should find it easy to install provided you have access to a webserver and a database.

The code generally expects to be running under an Apache webserver with a mySQL database. It may be possible change these things if your system is different -- see the installation documentation:

Installation instructions: see documentation/


If you're familiar with PHP CodeIgniter (or possibly just PHP!) you might be able to get things going just by dropping the repository somewhere under your server root. (In fact, for a super quickstart, set up your webserver so that web/ is the server root).

The Open311 Simple CRM root page will provide diagnostics even if you've not got the database running, so try hitting that as soon as you get going.

Remember to see documentation/ for details. If the home page seems OK, try clicking on Main site and logging in as the default out-of-the-box administrator:

  • username:
  • password: password

You must to change these values as soon as you're logged in! The root page will tell you how (until you've done it).


The original Open311 implementation code is nearly all from Philip Ashlock's raw implementation of Open311 GeoReport v2 while additional features have been developed by mySociety under the name FMS-endpoint.

See LICENSE.txt but also check in documentation/ for component-specific licenses.