A rails plugin that provides simple block helpers to introduce google visualizations (gap minder)
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This plugin currently covers the following visualizations: MotionChart, Annotated Time Line

If you are unfamiliar with how to install rails plugins you’ll want to look here (http://nubyonrails.com/articles/the-complete-guide-to-rails-plugins-part-i) for guidance. To install it run this from the root of your rails app:

ruby script/plugins install git://github.com/mwarnock/rails-google-visualization-plugin.git
mv vendor/plugins/rails/rails-google-visualization-plugin vendor/plugins/google_visualization #It needs to be renamed for the sake of rails auto loading

You’ll then need to add the following line in the head tag of your layout:

<%= setup_google_visualizations %>

This is to include all the necessary javascript from google in order to use the visualizations. Once that’s done you’re ready to start. There are wiki pages on each of the visualization this plugin provides.

Road Map

Though the road could be as long as google's visualization library I have little motivation to tackle the whole of it.  I already use and have built some extensive additions onto a product called ChartDirector.  The covers the majority of my needs for visualization, but google is coming out with some pretty cool widgets.  Gap Minder was the first that made me salivate long enough to write this plugin.  As you see new google visualization widgets come out that blow your mind I'd be happy to hear from you and will, depending upon where it registers on my awesome-o-meter, add them to this plugin.

Additional Information

For more information see the rails-google-visualization-plugin wiki on github at http://wiki.github.com/mwarnock/rails-google-visualization-plugin

Copyright (c) 2008 Max Warnock, released under the GNU Public License v3