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Who is Touchpoints built for?

A Persona represents a general category of user, based on the user's behaviors and needs. Often, Personas are "brought-to-life" via real-world examples, pictures, interviews. Generally, Personas are a place to collect and display information related to user needs.

List of Personas

  • System Administrator - can manage all aspects of Touchpoints
  • .gov Webmaster - User who manages an Organization's Touchpoints
  • Organization Manager - User who manages an Organization, and its Services and Touchpoints
  • Service Manager - User who manages one or more Services and Touchpoints
  • Submission Viewer - User who views one or more Services, Touchpoints, Submissions
  • Public users - a non logged-in public user who uses a .gov website to access and or complete a Touchpoint for a Service


  • Users can only belong to 1 Organization at a time
  • A User can only be added to a Service that belongs to the same Organization as the User

How do Personas map to Roles & Permissions?

  • Admin has admin flag set
  • Organization Manager has organization_manager flag set, and permissions apply for the Organization the user belongs to
  • Webmaster & Service Manager & Submission Viewer can login and do not have admin flag set
  • Service Manager can login and has ServiceManager relation in a UserService record
  • Submission Viewer can login and has SubmissionViewer relation in a UserService record
  • Public users do not login

For more detailed information on how each Persona can use Touchpoints, see the Use Cases.

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