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Deploying a Touchpoint via GTM

Lauren Ancona edited this page Jun 14, 2019 · 3 revisions

The origin of Touchpoints was a tool called Recruiter. Recruiter leveraged Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Forms, and Google Sheets to provide user-research signup forms.

Leveraging GTM makes a lot of sense in the federal domain, given GTM is often used to deploy DAP (Digital Analytics Program).

Thus, the purpose of this page is to document how to deploy a Touchpoint via an existing GTM implementation. It assumes you have already deployed the Google Tag Manager Container code to your website or service.

  1. Generate a Touchpoint
  2. Edit the Touchpoint's Form
  3. Copy the <script src="https://your-touchpoints-url" async></script> snippet from the Touchpoint page.
  4. Create an HTML Tag in your Google Tag Manager Container
  5. Add <script> snippet to the body of the Tag
  6. Add or modify any Triggers related to the Tag. Triggers are used to conditionally trigger a Tag.
  7. Test the Tag by putting the GTM Container in Preview Mode
  8. See the Test Submissions in Touchpoints
  9. Publish the GTM Container to deploy the survey 🎉
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