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Touchpoints Onboarding Questions

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These 4 question areas are designed to ensure federal agency clients are prepared and ready to onboard as Touchpoints users.


Who’s involved for the rollout of Touchpoints surveying?

  • Stakeholders - Who should attend the Onboarding calls? (required)
  • Who needs an account? Service Managers? Service Viewers? Webmaster or Technical Support?
  • Any non-project related Stakeholders that should be involved?
  • Any dedicated CX project-related staff?
  • Any Customer Experience/Agency Marketing Staff? Any staff currently responsible for surveying * customers or other stakeholders?
  • IT/web analytics manager(s) - or anyone who is AWARE or responsible for the IT deployment cycle for your * public facing web services/content)
  • If your technical service is outsourced to a vendor * - then it would be helpful to have your staff liaison available or the vendor himself/herself.
    • optional: Can you use Google Hangouts or Zoom (or other?) for screen-sharing & demos?

Please fill in and edit the table below, adding all Stakeholders and intended Touchpoints users to the table below. Be sure to indicate the authorized staffperson's Role for the Project, as well as permissions-related Role in Touchpoints.

Name Email Role in Project Role in Touchpoints
Organization Manager
Service Manager
Submission Viewer
stakeholder n/a

See the following for more information on Personas and Permissions

Existing Services?

Have you identified a Service to add a Touchpoint to? Or, are you already surveying customers?

  • What is the name and/or description of the Service?
  • Is there a website URL associated w/ that Service?
    • What other URLs are relevant?

Delivery Channels

Are you delivering your Survey via the web, email, or both?

  • Which Service Channels do you plan on using Touchpoints Surveys for?
  • What is the traffic volume of each service channel? eg: calls/day, ticket-counter transactions/week
  • Do you plan to distribute your Touchpoint via email?
    • If yes, Who is agency Point of Contact for the email service? Does the Agency have a bulk email tool? (check with Marketing/Admin/Communications office if unsure)
    • If no, then no action is necessary.

A-11 Readiness (if applicable)

  1. Have you customized the seven (7) A-11 questions and do you have additional questions?
  2. Want to complete the A-11 questions asap in Touchpoints? Complete this document to the best of your ability and contact us at and we'll help get you going.
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