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US Web Design System Salesforce Lightning Community Theme

uswds: v2.13.2 code style: prettier

An implementation of the US Web Design System for Salesforce Lightning Communities.

US Web Design System Salesforce Community Template Example

Implementing this Theme

If you have not utilized the theme before, deploying the Demo Community to a sandbox or scratch org is a great place to start. The Demo Community is a full site implementation enabling you to see various features quickly.

In addition to the Demo Community, a wiki is maintained to highlight components, theme settings, and more.

Installation Instructions





This template follows the US Web Design System markup as much as possible within the Salesforce interface. Where deviations from the original are required, Salesforce Lightning Design system is sought as a first alternative.

Licenses and Attribution

A few parts of this project are not in the public domain. Attribution and licensing information for those parts are described in detail in

The rest of this project is in the worldwide public domain, released under the CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication.