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Robot Autonomy and Interactive Learning

Open Source Code from the RAIL Lab

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  1. nav2djs nav2djs Public

    2D Navigation Widget

    JavaScript 50 38

  2. rms rms Public

    RMS (Robot Management System)

    PHP 28 23

  3. async_web_server_cpp async_web_server_cpp Public

    Asynchronous Web Server in C++

    C++ 24 72

  4. rosauth rosauth Public

    Server Side tools for Authorization and Authentication of ROS Clients

    C++ 22 25

  5. robot_pose_publisher robot_pose_publisher Public

    A Simple Node to Publish the Robot's Position Relative to the Map using TFs

    C++ 21 33

  6. keyboardteleopjs keyboardteleopjs Public

    Keyboard Teleoperation via Twist Messages

    JavaScript 19 16


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