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# coding: utf-8
import sys
dataDir = '../../VQA'
sys.path.insert(0, '%s/PythonHelperTools/vqaTools' %(dataDir))
from vqa import VQA
from vqaEvaluation.vqaEval import VQAEval
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import as io
import json
import random
import os
# set up file names and paths
versionType ='v2_' # this should be '' when using VQA v2.0 dataset
taskType ='OpenEnded' # 'OpenEnded' only for v2.0. 'OpenEnded' or 'MultipleChoice' for v1.0
dataType ='mscoco' # 'mscoco' only for v1.0. 'mscoco' for real and 'abstract_v002' for abstract for v1.0.
dataSubType ='train2014'
annFile ='%s/Annotations/%s%s_%s_annotations.json'%(dataDir, versionType, dataType, dataSubType)
quesFile ='%s/Questions/%s%s_%s_%s_questions.json'%(dataDir, versionType, taskType, dataType, dataSubType)
imgDir ='%s/Images/%s/%s/' %(dataDir, dataType, dataSubType)
resultType ='fake'
fileTypes = ['results', 'accuracy', 'evalQA', 'evalQuesType', 'evalAnsType']
# An example result json file has been provided in './Results' folder.
[resFile, accuracyFile, evalQAFile, evalQuesTypeFile, evalAnsTypeFile] = ['%s/Results/%s%s_%s_%s_%s_%s.json'%(dataDir, versionType, taskType, dataType, dataSubType, \
resultType, fileType) for fileType in fileTypes]
# create vqa object and vqaRes object
vqa = VQA(annFile, quesFile)
vqaRes = vqa.loadRes(resFile, quesFile)
# create vqaEval object by taking vqa and vqaRes
vqaEval = VQAEval(vqa, vqaRes, n=2) #n is precision of accuracy (number of places after decimal), default is 2
# evaluate results
If you have a list of question ids on which you would like to evaluate your results, pass it as a list to below function
By default it uses all the question ids in annotation file
# print accuracies
print "\n"
print "Overall Accuracy is: %.02f\n" %(vqaEval.accuracy['overall'])
print "Per Question Type Accuracy is the following:"
for quesType in vqaEval.accuracy['perQuestionType']:
print "%s : %.02f" %(quesType, vqaEval.accuracy['perQuestionType'][quesType])
print "\n"
print "Per Answer Type Accuracy is the following:"
for ansType in vqaEval.accuracy['perAnswerType']:
print "%s : %.02f" %(ansType, vqaEval.accuracy['perAnswerType'][ansType])
print "\n"
# demo how to use evalQA to retrieve low score result
evals = [quesId for quesId in vqaEval.evalQA if vqaEval.evalQA[quesId]<35] #35 is per question percentage accuracy
if len(evals) > 0:
print 'ground truth answers'
randomEval = random.choice(evals)
randomAnn = vqa.loadQA(randomEval)
print '\n'
print 'generated answer (accuracy %.02f)'%(vqaEval.evalQA[randomEval])
ann = vqaRes.loadQA(randomEval)[0]
print "Answer: %s\n" %(ann['answer'])
imgId = randomAnn[0]['image_id']
imgFilename = 'COCO_' + dataSubType + '_'+ str(imgId).zfill(12) + '.jpg'
if os.path.isfile(imgDir + imgFilename):
I = io.imread(imgDir + imgFilename)
# plot accuracy for various question types['perQuestionType'])), vqaEval.accuracy['perQuestionType'].values(), align='center')
plt.xticks(range(len(vqaEval.accuracy['perQuestionType'])), vqaEval.accuracy['perQuestionType'].keys(), rotation='0',fontsize=10)
plt.title('Per Question Type Accuracy', fontsize=10)
plt.xlabel('Question Types', fontsize=10)
plt.ylabel('Accuracy', fontsize=10)
# save evaluation results to ./Results folder
json.dump(vqaEval.accuracy, open(accuracyFile, 'w'))
json.dump(vqaEval.evalQA, open(evalQAFile, 'w'))
json.dump(vqaEval.evalQuesType, open(evalQuesTypeFile, 'w'))
json.dump(vqaEval.evalAnsType, open(evalAnsTypeFile, 'w'))