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GT Bits of Good

Partnering talented undergraduate software developers with Atlanta Nonprofits to work on meaningful projects

Welcome to Bits of Good!

Hey! We are Bits of Good, a nonprofit focused on Changing lives one bit at a time. Based in Georgia Tech, the GT Bits of Good team connects our students with local nonprofits by building powerful web apps. As the Hack4Impact chapter in Georgia Tech, we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that drives social impact by developing custom, pro bono software for local nonprofits. While we empower our nonprofit partners to work more efficiently and scale their impact, we also create opportunities for Georgia Tech students, both undergraduate and graduate, to spur meaningful change in the community around them.

Connecting with Atlanta πŸ™οΈ

By building relationships with local nonprofits, we are redefining social good for students who want to make a meaningful impact with their technical background. We have helped 30+ nonprofits since 2017, ranging in focus from supporting incarcerated mothers and their newborn children to combatting food insecurity in the Atlanta area.

Building Powerful Apps πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

Our organization develops real-world applications and promotes learning and mentorship at all levels, both from team members of diverse skill sets and from the close-knit, passionate club community. By assigning each nonprofit to a project team consisting of product designers, managers, and 4-6 developers, we make sure to execute all aspects of the development cycle for the software, from ideation to delivery. Every semester we also host two free bootcamps to give back to the Georgia Tech community. We have our developer bootcamp, offering an introduction to web development, and we have our designer bootcamp, providing the fundamentals behind UX/UI. These bootcamps should give students the crucial skills they need for both succeeding in Bits of Good and penetrating industry. No experience is needed to apply for either program!

Integrating Products with Social Good 🌎

Even aside from all the software development, we have other opportunities in the fields of marketing, brand design, logistics, finance, and nonprofit relationship coordination. If you are passionate about social impact and want to use your unique skills to make a difference in our community, then you should apply to join Bits of Good!

Reach out to us!πŸ‘‹


  1. website website Public

    Our website, built from the ground up with Svelte + Sapper to connect nonprofits, students, and everyone else in between with Bits of Good πŸš€

    Svelte 40 6

  2. juno juno Public

    Juno is the Unified Infrastructure Platform for Developer Acceleration

    TypeScript 7

  3. bog-analytics bog-analytics Public

    The Bits of Good Unified Analytics Platform - Built Using Streamlit & Express.js

    TypeScript 1

  4. MapScout MapScout Public

    Connecting nonprofit and government clients with vital services through an intuitive and navigable resource map

    TypeScript 11 3

  5. VolunTrack VolunTrack Public

    Volunteer and Event Management Platform

    JavaScript 7 8

  6. heart-of-passion heart-of-passion Public

    Retreat Planning Tool for Heart of Passion

    TypeScript 5


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