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GT Bits of Good

Partnering talented undergraduate software developers with Atlanta Nonprofits to work on meaningful projects


  1. website Public

    Our website, built from the ground up with Svelte + Sapper to connect nonprofits, students, and everyone else in between with Bits of Good 🚀

    Svelte 39 5

  2. bootcamp Public

    A MERN stack Bootcamp to give students the skills and experience they need to make an impact with Bits of Good.

    HTML 3 3

  3. MapScout Public

    Connecting nonprofit and government clients with vital services through an intuitive and navigable resource map

    TypeScript 10 2

  4. A simple portal built to facilitate the application process for incoming nonprofit clients

    JavaScript 3

  5. JavaScript 1

  6. nextjs-starter Public template

    A template repository for creating Next projects with MongoDB

    JavaScript 8 3


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