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Laravel Centinel API for Laravel 5

This package provides API for downloading the application log file, and dumping and downloading the database. It ships with authentication middleware which protects the API routes.

Centinel API is designed to work in combination with Centinel - centralized application management system.

For Laravel 4.2 use Centinel API v1.2


  • PHP 5.6+
  • Laravel 5.1+ (Laravel 5.0 is not supported due to incompatibility with Symfony components used in it)
  • make sure your Cache driver is configured and is working
  • Windows environment is not supported

Installation: Laravel

  • add "gtcrais/laravel-centinel-api": "2.3.*" to your composer.json and run composer update
  • for Laravel <=5.4 add GTCrais\LaravelCentinelApi\LaravelCentinelApiServiceProvider::class, to providers array in /app/config/app.php and run composer dump-autoload
  • run php artisan centinel-api:setup

Installation: Lumen

  • add "gtcrais/laravel-centinel-api": "2.3.*" to your composer.json and run composer update
  • uncomment $app->withFacades(); in /bootstrap/app.php
  • add $app->configure('centinelApi'); to /bootstrap/app.php. This will load Centinel API configuration
  • add $app->register(GTCrais\LaravelCentinelApi\LumenCentinelApiServiceProvider::class); to /bootstrap/app.php below config file registration
  • run php artisan centinel-api:setup

Additional Installation Notes

Laravel 5.1

  • add routePrefix to VerifyCsrfToken middleware's $except array. Example:
protected $except = [
	'Hts71OwsRTwjXDb5Kdp5zk5l6KsvEz7Q/*' // Note the /* at the end


Centinel API will first look for database connection configuration in /config/database.php. If it's not available there, it will look in .env file. Make sure one of these options is available if you wish to use the database dump functionality.


It's highly recommended to use this plugin only on websites that use HTTPS!

After going through the installation process you will find centinelApi.php configuration file in /config directory. From there, copy privateKey, encryptionKey and routePrefix to Centinel, and you're ready to schedule your application log checks and database backups.

Config File

  • privateKey - random string, used for authentication
  • encryptionKey - random string, used for additional security layer
  • routePrefix - random string, prefixing the API routes
  • enabledRoutes - if you only wish to expose a part of the API, you can disable either Log or Database routes here
  • disableTimeBasedAuthorization - set to true in case of your server's and Centinel's datetime being out of sync which results in Request time mismatch or Too many API calls error
  • zipPassword - password used when zipping the database dump. Make sure to save the Zip Password so you can restore your database in case of server crash
  • database - database settings and options

All of the database options except for connection are optional.

Some of the database options are not available for Laravel/Lumen 5.1, and on PHP 5 (regardless of the framework version). For more details check Spatie DB Dumper v1.5.1

For details on how to use the options check the installed version of the package. For Laravel/Lumen 5.2+ on PHP 7 that will be Spatie DB Dumper v2.9

To ignore a database setting/option, set it to null.

API Routes

  • [POST] /{routePrefix}/create-log
  • [POST] /{routePrefix}/download-log
  • [POST] /{routePrefix}/dump-database
  • [POST] /{routePrefix}/download-database

For more details check /Controllers/CentinelApiController.php controller.

Database Backups

Spatie DB Dumper is used to make database dumps. MySQL and PostgreSQL are supported, and require mysqldump and pg_dump utilities, respectively.

Additionally, on Laravel/Lumen 5.2+ applications running on PHP 7, Sqlite and MongoDB are supported, and require sqlite3 and mongodump utilities, respectively.

Centinel API will try to zip and password protect database dumps before sending them to Centinel. In case you're using PHP 7.2+, it will use PHP's native ZipArchive class to zip and encrypt the database. Otherwise, it will look for 7-Zip and Zip libraries to do so. If no option is available, dumps will be sent without being zipped and password protected.

Run php artisan centinel-api:check-zip to see which library is available on your server. Note that Zip encryption algorithm is much less secure than that of ZipArchive and 7-Zip. Ultimately it is up to you to decide which level of security is satisfactory. You can always opt out of backing up your database by disabling database backups in Centinel, and additionally, commenting out DatabaseRoutes in the enabledRoutes config option.


For details check /Middleware/AuthorizeCentinelApiRequest.php middleware.


Laravel Centinel API is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.