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Minetweaker Addon for all Gregtech 5 Machines
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Minetweaker Addon for all Gregtech 5 Machines

Build Status

1.7.0 Added a low gravity flag in the autoclave; added a fluid output in the blast furnace; added a secondary output in the chem reactor; added addUniversalRecipe method in the distillation tower; changed addRecipe in the oil cracker; added a PrimitiveBlastFurnace support
1.6.4 Added method for the six slots assembler
1.6.3 Fix methods with array of inputs (Mixer, CircuitAssembler, Dehydrator, BlastFurnace). Fix type of inputs in OreWasher and ThermalCentrifuge
1.6.2 Fix registration of machines from 1.5.0
1.6.1 Removing LFTR and fission fuel support
1.6.0 GT++ support
1.5.0 Support CircuitAssembler, Compressor, Extractor, OreWasher, ThermalCentrifuge
1.4.4 Fix Assembly Line and Chem Reactor
1.4.3 Assembly Line support
1.4.2 Fix Plasma Arc Furnace
1.4.1 Fixes
1.4.0 Even More Ordict rework
1.3.0 More ordict rework
1.2.2 fix pyrolyse oven spelling
1.2.1 fixed ordict support
1.2.0 Added Ore Dict support to Gt Machines (hope this Version works)
1.1.0 Added Pyroluse Oven adn Oil Cracker support for Gt 5.09**
1.0.9 Fix Printer
1.0.8 Remove Plate Cutter Class
1.0.7 Fix Blastfurnace Input 2
1.0.6 Fix Mixer recipes
1.0.5 Mixer have now shorter recipes if have less than 4 ingredients
1.0.4 Fixing Blastfurnace, Separator, Centrifuge, Canner, Chemical Bath
1.0.3 Adding missing Fluid Class
1.0.2 Changing In and Outputs of the Blasfurnace
1.0.1 Deleting old Machines that not exists any more like CNC, Grinder, Sonictron
1.0.0 Adding now full GT 5 support for Minetweaker Version 3.10
0.7.6 Fixed the Arc Furnace input be a Plasma Arc Furnace
0.7.5 Remove Blast Furnace liquid output because not usesed
0.7.4 Adding Liquid Output Support to the Arc and Plasma Arc Furnace
0.7.3 Changing some Code
0.7.2 Registered CentrifugeLiq now it works
0.7.1 Now Logistic Pipes Recipes works properly
0.7.0 Changing Amplifabricator to AmplifabricatorUU because of minetweaker
0.6.9 Add Amplifabricator Support
0.6.8 Add Fluid canner Support
0.6.7 Add Fluid Heater, Polarizer and Separator Support
0.6.6 Add DistillationTower Support
0.6.5 Add Packer and Unpacker Support
0.6.4 Add Arc and Plasma Arc Furnace support
0.6.2 Add Slicer Support
0.6.1 Add Version checker for Fusion Reactor
0.6.0 Add Fusion Reactor Support
0.5.1 Some code cleanup.
0.5.0 using new addRecipes methode RA instead of sRecipeAdder, add Blast furnace Liquid support
0.4.1 Change Input Output Slot from the Autoclave
0.4.0 Adding Sifter, Pulverizer, Liquid Extractor and Liquid Solidifier
0.3.5 Fix output input Forming Press
0.3.4 Fix output and input from Engraving laser again
0.3.3 Fix output and input from Engraving Laser
0.3.2 Fixed hopfully some things when using Minetweaker and Modtweaker.
0.3.0 Initial commit

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