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  is a Guild Wars 2 database powered by the official API.

You can create a new issue to report a bug or request a new feature.


The simplest way to get this running locally using docker.

  1. Clone this repository or make a fork if you plan to submit your changes

  2. Run docker-compose up -d (or docker-compose up -d --scale wvw-crawler=0 to save some resources if you don't need the WvW crawler)

  3. Visit http://gw2treasures.localhost/ to view your local instance

  4. The database will be empty, you can fill it from the GW2 Api by running docker-compose exec --user www-data web ./ (see You can run this everytime you need to update your local database.

    If you just want to update a single entity you are working with and not the whole db, you can run a command like docker-compose exec --user www-data web php -dmemory_limit=-1 artisan gw2treasures:achievements.

  5. Make your changes

  6. Run docker-compose up -d --build web to restart the service you have been working on to see your changes.

  7. Commit the changes to a new branch and push them to your fork

  8. Create a new Pull Request

License is licensed under the MIT License.