Plugins of various kinds for CruiseControl.rb.
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CruiseControl.rb Contrib

This project exists to host various contributions to CruiseControl.rb project that, while cool and helpful, don't necessarily belong in the core project. Examples of this include build notifiers for various third-party communication services, not all of which necessarily need to be included in core CCRB.

The main CruiseControl.rb repository is located at

Contributing a plugin to this project

If you'd like to contribute a plugin (and we'd love it if you did) we have a contribution policy outlined in the official manual. That having been said, we'd like individual plugin contributors to own and maintain their contributions. If you'd like commit access to the contrib project, please let us know here on Github and we'll try to set you up.

We're also still trying to decide what the best way is to host our plugins. Should they reside in a single project? Multiple projects? Expect contributors to host and gemify them themselves? Let us know.