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Commits on Jan 25, 2012
  1. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #4524 from nashby/datetime-18-code

    josevalim committed
    remove ruby 1.8 related code
  2. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #4667 from carlosantoniodasilva/av-number-helper

    josevalim committed
    Action View number helpers improvements
  3. @carlosantoniodasilva
  4. @carlosantoniodasilva
  5. @carlosantoniodasilva
  6. @carlosantoniodasilva
  7. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #4661 from janko-m/master

    josevalim committed
    Modify video_tag a bit and make audio_tag able to accept multiple sources
  8. @janko-m
  9. @janko-m
  10. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #4651 from paul/mysql-add-index-bug

    josevalim committed
    Handle nil in add_index :length option in MySQL
Commits on Jan 24, 2012
  1. @paul

    Handle nil in add_index :length option in MySQL

    paul committed
    Our schema.rb is being generated with an `add_index` line similar to this:
        add_index "foo", ["foo", "bar"], :name => "xxx", :length => {"foo"=>8, "bar=>nil}
    This is the same as it was on Rails 3.1.3, however, now when that
    schema.rb is evaluated, its generating bad SQL in MySQL:
        Mysql::Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual
        that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax
        to use near '))' at line 1: CREATE UNIQUE INDEX
        `xxx` ON `foo` (`foo`(8), `bar`())
    This commit adds a check for nil on the length attribute to prevent the
    empty parens from being output.
  2. @rafaelfranca @josevalim

    Remove unused variables to avoid warnings

    rafaelfranca committed with josevalim
    Signed-off-by: José Valim <>
  3. @tenderlove

    Merge pull request #4606 from lest/patch-1

    tenderlove committed
    remove unnecessary AS::Concern usage
  4. @tenderlove
  5. @tenderlove
  6. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #4641 from rafaelfranca/date_select-fix-3-2

    josevalim committed
    date_select fixes [3-2-stable]
  7. @tenderlove

    Merge pull request #4514 from brainopia/update_timezone_offets

    tenderlove committed
    Update time zone offset information
  8. @tenderlove

    Merge pull request #3775 from karevn/master

    tenderlove committed
    Please pull my changes - they fix a rare problem with tests framework
  9. @vijaydev
  10. @tenderlove

    Merge pull request #4630 from lest/patch-2

    tenderlove committed
    Use instance_eval instead of Proc#bind
  11. @tenderlove

    Merge pull request #4637 from railsaholic/error_message_fix

    tenderlove committed
    quote fix ` to ' in the ArgumentError message
  12. @hindenbug

    quote fix ` to ' in the ArgumentError message

    hindenbug committed
    message quote fix
  13. @fxn

    Merge pull request #4636 from sachin87/code_improved

    fxn committed
    code improved with better condition
  14. @sachin87

    code improved

    sachin87 committed
  15. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #4628 from rafaelfranca/fix-build

    josevalim committed
    Fix broken build
  16. @josevalim

    Merge pull request #4596 from kennyj/fix_4344

    josevalim committed
    Fix GH #4344. Callback defined in a module is not triggered when the module extends an object under Rails 3.2rc2
  17. @kennyj
  18. @tenderlove
  19. @tenderlove
Commits on Jan 23, 2012
  1. @lest

    Use instance_eval instead of Proc#bind

    lest committed
    Proc#bind is not useful when called immediately and previous check for #call method is not correct
  2. @rafaelfranca
  3. @tenderlove
  4. @tenderlove

    updated the warning signature

    tenderlove committed
  5. @tenderlove
  6. @tenderlove

    Merge pull request #4558 from stephencelis/type-cast-unknown-should-fail

    tenderlove committed
    Don't type-cast unknown types to YAML.
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