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Jamie 'GaProgMan' Taylor

Purpose of the project

After spending way too many hours in books stores pondering the eternal though of, "Do I have this book already?" I decided to create an Android app that will allow me to keep track of the Discworld Novels that I have already purchased. This repo is the fruit of my labour so far. Currently, the app loads a selection of "elements" from a string-array (found in /res/values/elementTitles.xml) at boot-time and uses these to create an array of "element" objects. These objects are used to represent the novels in the series. elementTitles.xml is in no way complete - it contains only a few titles, to aid in testing. As of 18/01/2013, the element objects do nothing once they have been created. Future revisions, however, will include an array of check boxes (displayed in a list), each representing an individual "element" object.

Wiki Entry

A more up to date description of this project can be found at GaProgMan's Wiki:


2016-06-05 Jamie Taylor

  • Removed License section of Readme
  • Added link to Wiki entry for project into Readme

2016-05-25 - Jamie Taylor

  • Began re-implementing entire code base from the ground up.
  • Added SQLite code to perform CRU (of CRUD) operations
  • Added a service class (will be expanded on in a later commit) for adding default books when no database is present.
  • Happy Glorious 25th of May!

2013-05-27 - Jamie Taylor

  • Updated Readme to use Markdown

2013-01-18 - Jamie Taylor

  • Re-design and re-implementation of classes
  • Added element and elementLoader classes
  • /res/values/elementTitles.xml
  • Removed depricated code

2012-05-02 - Jamie Taylor

  • Initial creation of solution
  • Added all source code to solution
  • Re-written README to make solution
  • Added content to chapterOne and chapterTwoDiscworldNovelCheckList


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