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Jamie 'GaProgMan' Taylor

Purpose of the project##

I had recently purchased a copy of the Japanese book called なぜベストを尽くさないのか (refered to as "Naze Besto") and wanted to translate it, both for myself and for others to read.

The translation will be typed as a TeX document and distributed free of charge. However, I will retain attribution rights for the translation of the text.

This translation is not intended as a copyright infringement in anyway. It is simply being provided for those who wish to read the book, but don't have the language skills to read the original Japanese text.

This project will give me a perfect opportunity to extend and build on my own Japanese language skills.

As this is a project that I will be completing in my own free time, and the first translation project I have ever undertaken on this scale (a whole 200 page book) the updates to it might come sporadically at first.

To compile this document, you will need a (La)TeX environment, with access to the following packages:

  • CJK
  • url
  • epigraph

I would recommend both the TexWorks and TexLive programs for compilation, as they are free and available for most Operating Systems.

Wiki Entry

A more up to date description of this project can be found at GaProgMan's Wiki:


See "Licence.txt" for licence details


2013-05-27 - Jamie Taylor

  • Formatted README to use Markdown

2013-04-27 - Jamie Taylor

  • Chapter 1 Notes: Added notes for first paragraph in chapter 1
  • 00-Introduction.tex: Changed footnotes for endnotes
  • 00-Preface.tex: Changed footnotes for endnotes
  • 01-Intro.tex: Changed footnotes for endnotes
  • ANote.tex: Changed footnotes for endnotes
  • Naze.tex: Changed footnotes for endnotes
  • Preface.tex: Changed footnotes for endnotes
  • Translation.tex: Changed footnotes for endnotes

2013-04-21 - Jamie Taylor

  • Chapter 1 Notes: Added notes for chapter 1 translation
  • 01-Intro.tex: Added file that will contain the translation for chapter 1's intro
  • 00-Preface.tex: Removed section that contained specific information on different readings of Kanji (kunyomi, etc.)
  • 00-Preface.tex: Added section covering some of the conventions used throughout the translated book

2013-04-06 - Jamie Taylor

  • ANote.tex: Changed epigraph - now a quote from Jeff Bridges
  • Preface.tex: Change subsubsections for sections
  • ANote.tex: Change subsubsections for sections
  • 00-Preface.tex: Added chapter for translated Preface
  • Translation.tex: Included new transalted preface chapter
  • Changelog: Created new changelog for project

2012-26-06 - Jamie Taylor

  • TranslationNotes (directory): Moved translation notes to dedicated folder
  • JWPce files that provide translation notes have been moved to their own folder

2012-21-06 - Jamie Taylor

  • Updated copyright information in readme: README now includes an updated
  • version of the licence used for this repo (GNU GLP 3)

2012-20-06 - Jamie Taylor

  • Added basic wiki page
  • A basic wiki page for the project/repo has been added. This will be re-implemented and redesigned when I get a chance.

2012-25-05 - Jamie Taylor

  • Added new notes for Introduction
  • Translation notes for the introduction added, now contains the entire Introduction chapter, with kanji notes (Introduction Notes.jce)

2012-23-05 - Jamie Taylor

  • Added notes for Introduction
  • Translation notes for the Front page and Introduction chapter have been added to the master branch of the repo (Introduction Notes.jce and Front Page Notes.jce)

2012-05-19 - Jamie Taylor

  • Initial commit to GitHub as test repo
  • Added project and README files to repo

2012-05-18 - Jamie Taylor

  • Initial creation of project
  • Preface.tex: Preface section written
  • ANote.tex: Translator's notes section written
  • Naze.tex: document layout created


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