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A Screensaver that fetches and displays images from Alpha Coders Wallpaper Abyss
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A Screensaver that fetches and displays images from Alpha Coders Wallpaper Abyss.

When the screen saver is running you can use the arrow keys (Left & Right) to go back and forth between images. Just in case you saw something you liked. Any other key or mouse action closes the screensaver.

Requirements: A Wallpaper Abyss API Key

Issues? Let me know! Tyler


Sometimes the search items in the list get a bit confused when adding and removing search items in the "Categories" Tab of the config window.

There can be an unhealthy delay when the first pic is displayed.


First download and build the Project (or download the latest version from the Release folder) and copy the four files into your "%SystemRoot%\SysWOW64" folder (Not the System32 folder as it'll just crap out there).





Install By Copy

Next go get a Wallpaper Abyss API Key

Next you need to open the screen saver settings window and setup your screen saver to be Wallpaper Abyss:

Install Setup

You may get an error like in the video complaining about the API key cannot be null. Just continue and put one in :)


General Options

Config General

API Key: The Wallpaper Abyss API Key. You need this in order to access their API

Randomly Switch Between x and y seconds: Controls how many seconds the image should change. When the screensaver is running it'll choose a random number of seconds between x and y

Cache Size: The number of MB to devote to saving images. A larger number means more images. I usually keep it about 1024 MB (1 gig).

Working Directory: The location on disk to save the images to.

Max Queries: The max number of queries the screen saver is aloud to use per month. The API is 150,000 queries per month so I keep a bit lower than that.

Resize Images: How should images be resized if they don't fit the screen?

Show Bottom Description: Display a black bar at the bottom of the screen that shows the Description, Category, and ID of the image

Search Categories

Config Search Categories

Search Methods Used: A list of the search options / queries you want to fetch images for. This allows you to pick only terms and categories you want to show. Like "Nature" or "Abstract" or "Mountains with Snow"

Search Options:

Search By:

Newest: Returns the newest images

Highest Rated: Returns the images that are highest rated

By Views: Returns images with the most views

By Favorites: Returns the most favoured images

Category: Returns images in a specific category. Based on the item you select on the right-hand list.

Collection: Returns images in a specific collection.

Group: Returns images in a specific group. (I'm not sure what the diff between group and category is)

Sub Category: Subcategory lets you drill down a level from Category and choose something a little more specific. Like Category "Humor" but only show "Bill Murray"

Featured: Show images featured on Wallpaper Abyss

Popular: Show the most popular images

User: Show images based on username

Search: Lets you enter a search term to query images

Random: You got it. Yup. A random selection of who knows what. But nothing should be NSFW as AlphaCoders stipulates only family friendly images however there are a few in there that are pretty racy.

Sort By:

Newest: Return results by age. Newest first

Rating: Return results with the highest rating

Views: Return results based on view count

Favorites: Return results by number of people that have favorited the image

Only show images of size:

Equal: Only fetch images that are exactly the size specified by Width and Height

Max: Only fetch images that are no bigger than the size specified by Width and Height

Min: Only fetch images that are no smaller than the size specified by Width and Height

Width: The width of the images to fetch, 0 means any size / ignore

Height: The height of the images to fetch, 0 means any size / ignore

Metered Wifi

Config MeteredWifi

**This section is untested! **

Metered Wifi holds a list of Wireless networks that the screensaver will not download images while running. (Good for tethering on limited data plans)

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