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SpaceVim | Hack-SpaceVim δΈ­ζ–‡η‰ˆ | Ask questions | Bug report & Feature request

What can you get from Hack-SpaceVim

  • Introductions about how to install SpaceVim with step by step 🀘
  • Set up developing environments very fast :trollface:
  • Become a developer very quickly 😎
  • Help you get acquainted with mountains of plugins πŸ’†
  • Make you a professional vimmer πŸ’ͺ
  • Let you hack this planet with SpaceVim 🌚
  • Tell you some facts somebody else won't tell you 😱
  • Tricks you will never know(contradictory statements 😏)

Table of Contents

  1. SpaceVim on Windows
  2. SpaceVim on Linux
  3. IDE
  4. FAQ
  5. Hidden Egg Hunt


New to Vim: vim-galore