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Hack-SpaceVim - Guider for SpaceVim

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You may want to check issues for the most recent discussions.

1. Introduction

What can you get from Hack-SpaceVim
  • 🀘 Introductions about how to install SpaceVim with step by step

  • :trollface: Set up developing environments very fast

  • 😎 Become a developer very quickly

  • πŸ’†β€β™€οΈ Help you get acquainted with mountains of plugins

  • πŸ’ͺ Make you a professional vimmer

  • 🌚 Let you hack this planet with SpaceVim

  • 😱 Tell you some facts somebody else won’t tell you

  • 😏 Tricks you will never know(contradictory statements)

3. FAQ

  1. init.toml or init.vim?

    TL;DR: Choose init.vim. Don’t use init.toml.
    Long answer: Here are several reasons for this:

    • SpaceVim doesn’t provide detailed documents of variable name you can use. Under this circumstance, it is not smart to use init.toml although SpaceVim recommand you to use toml-style config.

    • You need nobody to tell you what variable name you can use in your vim script, just by looking up the source code of SpaceVim.

    • For beginner: Toml-style of config won’t help you develop skills related with vim script.

    • In order to define your custom code/functions, you have to use bootstrap functions. You will then pollute SpaceVim’s source code.

  2. What does Hack-SpaceVim really do?

    Currently, it is trying to be something really useful to whom wants to master or use SpaceVim, including various aspects. Not just SpaceVim, but also vim/nvim.

4. Contributors

Made with contributors-img.

5. Reference

New to Vim: vim-galore