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2D Sprite Animator for Unity Engine

Tired of the "Unity Animator Hell", want more performance and faster workflow ? You've gone into the right place, this is a project i've made to replace Unity Animator usage on 2D projects, it's more performatic, simple and easy to use.

How to install

Package Manager (recommended)

  • 1 - Open the package manager (Window > Package Manager).
  • 2 - Click on the plus icon and "Add package from git URL...".
  • 3 - Enter and click "Add".
  • 4 - Wait until the package manager finishes installing the package and recompiling.

Package Importing

  • 1 - Download the latest release.
  • 2 - Double-click the .unitypackage or import it.

Lazy way

  • 1 - Download this repository as ZIP or by cloning it.
  • 2 - Drag it into your "Assets" folder.

Why to use

Escaping Unity's Animator Hell

  • Unity's Animator was made for 3D games, it has a lot of unuseful interpolation settings and it's a hell to manage.
  • Unity's Animator is not fast to setup, you need to create animations, save it on a folder, setup transitions/parameters, try to organize the Animator window, etc...


  • Unity's Animator is pretty expensive for simple 2D games, more about that in the benchmarking section.

Easily Extensible and more control

  • It's pretty easy to upgrade this code to your liking as it's a pretty simple and basic Sprite Animator.
  • Unity's Animator don't give you enough control for 2D (and sometimes even for 3D) games, there isn't a easy way of doing things like: checking current frame, checking which animation you are, checking if animation has ended, etc...


For the benchmark i did a simple test on a empty URP project with 2D Rendering/Lighting and 10.000 2D characters playing a 5-frames-long idle animation, here's the results:

Unity Default Animator

  • Animator disabled: 130 FPS.
  • Animator enabled: 15 FPS.

Sprite Animator

  • Animator disabled: 130 FPS.
  • Animator enabled: 85 FPS.

Where can i find further documentation about (codes and other things)?

That's as easy as clicking here

How do i contribute to this project?

Click here


Discord: Gabriel Bigardi#2292
Twitter: @BigardiGabriel


Unity-2D-Sprite-Animator is licensed under the MIT license, so you can comfortably use it in commercial applications.


Performatic, simple and easy animator for 2D games in Unity Engine




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