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===== Out of date

Hi, This repo is out of date. Check out the issues to know about the limitations. There is plenty of forks and you can probably find one more appropriate. Sorry guys, I have to choose my priorities. This code comes with a MIT license, feel free to improve and maintained it.

===== Compatibility

The code was tested with angular 1.4.x


A angularJS service to load dynamically CSS files. The original name of this project was angularDynamicStylesheets.

===== Description

angular-css-injector is a AngularJS service allows you to load dynamically CSS files in your HTML page.

==== How to use?

  1. Your angular's app must be defined on the HTML tag of your page

    <html ng-app="myApp"
  2. Add the module "angular.css.injector" to your AngularJS apps

         angular.module('myApp', ['angular.css.injector']);
  3. Get this service where you want and add your css files in your HTML page ! Example here in a controller :

         function MyCtrl($scope, cssInjector)
  4. To remove all added CSS files when the page change (in a single page application), configure the cssInjectorProvider:

  5. To remove manually all added CSS files, call the function removeAll :

         function MyCtrl($scope, cssInjector)

==== Compatibility

  • IE >= 8
  • FF >= 3.5
  • Chrome >= 4
  • Opera >= 10

==== Dependencies

No one (only angular of course).

Code tested with angular 1.2.14

==== Previous version

The module and the service name changed name from v1.0 Be careful and update your code if you use a previous version < 1.0