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Stata and R functions for production function estimation
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Stata and R packages for Production Function Estimation.

prodest in Stata (Rovigatti et al., SJ 2018 or Mollisi et al., 2017 - WP version) is available on the SSC archive - type ssc install prodest to install the latest stable version.

prodest in R (Rovigatti, 2017) is available on the CRAN - type install.packages("prodest") to install the latest stable version.

The packages implement most of the methods for production function estimation. The R prodest package provides functions to estimate the productivity, state and free variables parameters. Full description of the models, their issues and characteristics is available on both the packages' documentation and the relative working papers.

Please cite prodest in publications:

Rovigatti, G. and Mollisi, V. (2018) Theory and practice of total-factor productivity estimation: The control function approach using Stata The Stata Journal 18.3 (2018): 618-662.

Rovigatti, G. (2017).
prodest: Production Function Estimation in R.
R package.

Rovigatti, G. (2018).
Production Function Estimation in R: The prodest Package Working paper.

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