A Scale and Chord Engine in Ruby the goal of this project is to create a Simple way to incorprate scales and chords along with basic music theory into computer generated and live coding Music
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Algorithmic Machine Quartet
Live Ruby Music Projects
Ruby Music UI


Last Updated 12/01/2010 



1. Ruby Music UI:

This is a Simple Desktop based text to music Interface designed with ruby and using the Tk Library.

creates a single channel midi file based of the the text you input.. 

To Use:

go to the file directory 

to run >> ruby gui_text2music.rb 

thats it type the text you want and convert.. 

The skin is just a simple jpg so you can redesign it if you like.. Future I'll add a way to choose different skins for the app just for fun and maybe more functionality to the actual App.. 


2. The Computer Band:

Ruby Scale and Chord System Engine. 

The goal of this project is to create a simple way for people to create music with ruby code.

1. A Simple Library system for calling Scales and chords.

2. Create a way to choose and build chord progressions and to use default presets.

3. Clean up the code.

4. move the chord library out of the main progression.rb

5 Need to add a way for the user to choose number of channels they like and set each one to one of the 3
options Melody harmony(chord) or Arp(based off the chords)

How to Use the where to Start...

To run >> ruby progression.rb    

This app allows you to

1. Choose the key of the song
2. Choose a Scale
3. Title the Track

It generates a 3 channel midi file that can be used in a out side softsynth or other midi readable device. 

There are a few midi files in there can be listen too where I was working on creating a basic chord progressions.. 


3. Live Ruby Music Coding 

 A sandbox of different Ideas for Live coding Music in Ruby..( working on Better Documentation..)

Highly recommend that you get simple synth if your a mac user..