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Ruby Music and Midi App there are currently two different apps one for playing live and the other for writing to a midi file..Currently working on creating the chord System and is requesting ideas that you the user would like to see come out of a app like this..

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The Ruby Music Project 
Started & Created by Gabriel D 
Email contact / Gtalk: Garrod 

Contributors include:

Brian Browning

: : : Main Objective : : :

This s a set of different ruby music projects that all can use the same basic  structure but use different approaches to creating simple midi music files and for playing Live Coding music in Ruby..  

Most of the projects are Based on and use the ruby midilib 1.0.0 gem created by Jim Menard and the Livemidi is a Modifed Version based on the work by Topher Cyll 

Browning Added the Following README Section.


added parsesong.rb use like:

ruby parsesong.rb <bpm> "<songdescription>" <filename>

Mary had a little lamb:

ruby parsesong.rb 250 "e.d.c.d.e.e.e.d.d.d.e.g.g.e.d.c.d.e.e.e.e.d.d.e.d.ccc" mary.midi
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