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New Update 10-06-09

Current contributors Are

  • Gabriel Garrod
  • Brian Browning
  • Chris Bratlien
  • UPDATED FILES AND FEATURES*****************

    • Added some Equation Based midi generation methods such as song << Math.sin(3)*Math.cos(5)

    • Added cb-demo.rb & shoes-midi_demo.rb files( Created by Chris Bratlien )

    • Just added to the music file the cross platform capabilities for running on win osx and linux systems

    • The scales_mod.rb has been changed to scales.rb

    • added parsesong.rb ( Created by Brian Browning )

This project was created and designed with the idea of creating a way to make music live and in the studio using ruby code.
I have created a simple rough 54 scale system and currently have the rough prototype of a chord progression system complete.

This section added by Gabriel G

A quick how to for using The ruby Music Demo_1.rb and Demo_2.rb Files


You Need A External Midi sequencer

Simple Synth ( For Mac Users)

Free for Mac Multi-channel Midi Player
Simple Synth


MidiPatchBay (for Mac users )

Midi Patchbay

if you want to route it live to say reason or live ( synth of your choice )

PC Users

( midi Yoke )

Midi Yoke

A Note to all users:

Im interested in hearing what be come up with playing around with these has stated before to ultimate goal is to have a total Ruby Audio and midi music system. with instruments and GUI & Web Based Music Collaborations.

if you get this code to work with outside synth example fruity loops or Live please share a simple how to here so others can try it out..

Also Hardware junkies if get this code to play through a hardware synth I love to know how Im currently working on it my self..

If you like to contribute please feel to grab the code and let me hear your ideas.

Thanks Gabriel G.

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