This is the classic game of Hawaiian Checkers with an Artificially Intelligent opponent guided by the Minimax Algorithm, and an alternative Minimax Algorithm with Alpha Beta Pruning.
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This program was a project for my recent clase: Artificial Intelligence.
Konane is a game designed to defeat your opponent by being the one to make the last move. 
Some differences between checkers and Konane are that you can only move one direction in a turn and you cannot move by single spaces. 
This game would interest those who enjoy puzzles or strategy-type games, because you need to think ahead to see all the possible moves either opponent could make. 
The strategy for this game is much like chess, and challenges players the same way. 
Using Minimax and Minimax with Alpha-Beta Pruning, we can see how difficult it would be to use the same strategy by hand. 
This is a game that is played for fun, and because of its simplistic rules we can use it to implement and test such algorithms.