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Save manager homebrew for the Nintendo Wii U
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GabyPCgeeK freetype, unicode, icon, cross account, more vWii games
Now shows game icon at diferent screens.
*Small icon at game list.
*Large icon at task selection and in task screen.
No longer using OSScreen text rendering. Now uses Freetype2 to load
CafeStd.ttf through the OSGetSharedData call.
*This means Unicode text support (Japanese game names, Mii names with
symbols, etc).
Now user can choose which user account to backup (or all accounts).
Added "cross account" restore. User can choose which account backed up
on SD to restore to which account on Wii U.
Now also looks for vWii saves in 00010001 and 00010004.
For the vWii the slot 255 now backups/restores to/from the "SaveGame
Manager GX" save path. (the default sd:/savegames path)
Latest commit 23fa10c Aug 12, 2017

savemii (Original by Ryuzaki-MrL, modded by GabyPCgeeK)

WiiU/vWii Save Manager

You need to run haxchi/iosuhax/mocha cfw first in order for this homebrew to work.

Got it working with CBHC but not extensively tested. Not tested in normal haxchi.

This homebrew allows you to backup your Wii U and vWii savegames to the SD card and also restore them. Up to 256 backups can be made per title. Backups are stored in sd:/wiiu/backups.

For sorting Titles press R to change sorting method and press L to change between descending and ascending.

Use it at your own risk and please report any issues that may occur.

Needs freetype-2.8 library for compiling.


  • installable package


  • Bruno Vinicius, for the icon
  • dimok, for libiosuhax and libfat for Wii U
  • rw-r-r-0644, for lib_easy
  • dimok again, because he's awesome :3
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