OLS is a $50 32 channel Logic Analyzer
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The OpenBench Logic Sniffer is a $50 Open Source Logic Analyzer developed as a joint venture between Gadget Factory and Dangerous Prototypes. If you like this project check out the other projects at both websites.


This git repository is a super project to bring together all of the Openbench Logic Sniffer projects into one place. It contains a master build script and all of the subprojects that comprise the software for the OLS.



Before building ensure you have the following installed:

  • git, make, gcc-mingw, g++. Get these with cygwin for Windows
  • perl
  • unzip, zip
  • ant
  • maven


  • $ git clone git://github.com/GadgetFactory/OpenBench-Logic-Sniffer.git
  • $ cd build
  • $ ant update
  • $ ant build
  • $ ant run
  • $ ant dist

run 'ant help' to see options.