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#!/usr/bin/env python
import json
import re
import sys
import unicodedata
import markdown
except ImportError:
exit("This script requires the psutil module\nInstall with: sudo pip install Markdown")
import markjaml
import pinout
lang = "en"
if len(sys.argv) > 1:
lang = sys.argv[1]
overlays = pinout.settings['overlays']
pages = {}
def cssify(value):
value = slugify(value);
if value[0] == '3' or value[0] == '5':
value = 'pow' + value
return value
def slugify(value):
Normalizes string, converts to lowercase, removes non-alpha characters,
and converts spaces to hyphens.
value = unicode(value)
value = unicodedata.normalize('NFKD', value).encode('ascii', 'ignore').decode('ascii')
value = re.sub('[^\w\s-]', '', value).strip().lower()
return re.sub('[-\s]+', '_', value)
def load_overlay(overlay):
data = markjaml.load('src/{}/overlay/{}.md'.format(lang, overlay))
loaded = data['data']
except IOError:
return None
details = []
if 'manufacturer' in loaded:
details.append('* Made by ' + loaded['manufacturer'])
if 'pincount' in loaded:
pincount = int(loaded['pincount'])
if pincount == 40:
details.append('* HAT form-factor')
elif pincount == 38:
details.append('* pHAT form-factor')
elif pincount == 26:
details.append('* Classic 26-pin')
details.append('* {} pin header'.format(pincount))
if 'pin' in loaded:
uses_5v = False
uses_3v = False
uses = 0
for pin in loaded['pin']:
pin = str(pin)
if pin.startswith('bcm'):
pin = pinout.bcm_to_physical(pin[3:])
if pin in pinout.pins:
actual_pin = pinout.pins[pin]
if actual_pin['type'] in ['+3v3', '+5v', 'GND']:
if actual_pin['type'] == '+3v3':
uses_3v = True
if actual_pin['type'] == '+5v':
uses_5v = True
uses += 1
if uses > 0:
details.append('* Uses {} GPIO pins'.format(uses))
if '3' in loaded['pin'] and '5' in loaded['pin']:
pin_3 = loaded['pin']['3']
pin_5 = loaded['pin']['5']
if 'mode' in pin_3 and 'mode' in pin_5:
if pin_3['mode'] == 'i2c' and pin_5['mode'] == 'i2c':
details.append('* Uses I2C')
if 'url' in loaded:
details.append('* [More Information]({url})'.format(url=loaded['url']))
if 'github' in loaded:
details.append('* [GitHub Repository]({url})'.format(url=loaded['github']))
if 'buy' in loaded:
details.append('* [Buy Now]({url})'.format(url=loaded['buy']))
if not 'page_url' in loaded:
loaded['page_url'] = slugify(loaded['name'])
pages[loaded['page_url']] = loaded
return loaded
def load_md(filename):
filename = 'src/{}/{}'.format(lang, filename)
html = markdown.markdown(open(filename).read(), extensions=['fenced_code'])
return html
except IOError:
print('Unable to load markdown from {}'.format(filename))
return ''
overlays = map(load_overlay, overlays)