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#!/usr/bin/env python
import glob
import os
import re
import sys
import unicodedata
import markjaml
import pinout
def url_slugify(value):
Normalizes string, converts to lowercase, removes non-alpha characters,
and converts spaces to hyphens.
value = unicode(value)
value = unicodedata.normalize('NFKD', value).encode('ascii', 'ignore').decode('ascii')
value = re.sub('[^\w\s-]', '', value).strip().lower()
return re.sub('[-\s]+', '_', value)
def load_overlay_url(overlay, lang):
loaded = None
print("Info: Trying {}".format('src/{}/overlay/{}.md'.format(lang, overlay)))
data = markjaml.load('src/{}/overlay/{}.md'.format(lang, overlay))
loaded = data['data']
except IOError:
print("Warning: Falling back to {}".format('src/{}/translate/{}.md'.format(lang, overlay)))
data = markjaml.load('src/{}/translate/{}.md'.format(lang, overlay))
loaded = data['data']
except IOError:
return None
if loaded is None:
print("Fatal: Invalid overlay formatting.")
if not 'page_url' in loaded:
loaded['page_url'] = url_slugify(loaded['name'])
return overlay, loaded['page_url']
def get_pin_url(pin_num, pinout):
pin = pinout.pins[str(pin_num)]
pin_url = pin['name']
if pin_url == 'Ground':
return None
if 'scheme' in pin:
if 'bcm' in pin['scheme']:
bcm = pin['scheme']['bcm']
pin_url = 'gpio{}'.format(bcm)
return url_slugify('pin{}_{}'.format(pin_num, pin_url))
def generate_for_lang(lang="en"):
url_lookup = {}
overlays = pinout.settings['overlays']
base_url = pinout.get_setting('base_url', '/pinout/')
domain = pinout.get_setting('domain', '')
overlays_html = ''
overlays = map(lambda overlay: load_overlay_url(overlay, lang), overlays)
for pin in range(1, len(pinout.pins)+1):
pin_url = get_pin_url(pin, pinout)
if pin_url is None:
url_lookup['pin{}'.format(pin)] = '//{domain}{base_url}{url}'.format(domain=domain, base_url=base_url, url=pin_url)
for url in overlays:
if url is None:
url_lookup['{}'.format(url[0])] = '//{domain}{base_url}{url}'.format(domain=domain, base_url=base_url, url=url[1])
url_lookup['index'] = '//{}'.format(domain)
url_lookup['boards'] = '//{}/boards'.format(domain)
return url_lookup
def generate_urls(lang="en"):
languages = [l.replace('src/', '') for l in glob.glob('src/??') if os.path.isdir(l)] # if not l == 'src/'+lang
urls = {}
for lang in languages:
urls[lang] = generate_for_lang(lang)
return urls