Pinout 2017

Updated Nov 24, 2016

We've all identified issues with the current static site generation. It's a horrible hacky mess of a hashed together Python script that I'm surprised has served us for this long.

I'm proposing a ground-up rebuild of the site generation and templates to be launched sometime in 2017, and as part of this I'd like to give very serious consideration to the Boards page which is already straining under the weight of its content.

In addition to boards, I'd like see add a couple of additional features, notably:

  • Does X board work with Y board comparisons, showing pin and device conflicts
  • Bigger, better photos (low priority, but the current complement aren't especially groundbreaking)
  • Embeddable content, for shops and tutorials to show board information?
  • Direct-from-GitHub updates of the live site, so I'm no longer a bottleneck to new content
  • Suggestions?

The feature list is short, since I don't want us to stray from the core mission and make a spaghetti mess, so I invite any and all scrutiny from anyone who wishes to be involved in this project.

Thank you.

Updated Nov 26, 2016

Ongoing maintenance, growth and development of the live

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