A binary clock for the Raspberry Pi, written in Ruby and designed to drive 14 LEDs to indicate day of week, hours and minutes.
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These files are provded as-is, without any warrantee or guarantee that you wont fry your Raspberry Pi!

You'll have to set up your own jump-leads, carefully read the GPIO port pin-out and use ./test.rb which
may or may not help you find out which pin goes to which LED in your own configuration.

Find the pin-out here: http://elinux.org/Rpi_Low-level_peripherals

If you're trying to get a little binary clock up and running then avoid 3v3 and 5v like the plague,
these pins are closest to the left of your Pi, next to the SD-card slot. You shouldn't need them!

Don't forget to use resistors in series with your LEDs to prevent them turning your Pi into a puff
of magic blue smoke.