Multiplatform Arduino library for supporting the native CAN controller on Due (SAM3X) and Teensy 3.1 (K2X) as well as MCP2515 through SPI
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This library allows you to communicate with multiple types of CAN controllers using a consistent API, making CAN communications across development platforms easier through Arduino.

The idea behind this CAN library is to use a similar approach to [Adafruit's Unified Sensor library] ( "Adafruit's Unified Sensor library") by standardizing CAN function calls, frame structure, filters, masks, buffers, etc to be used with a wide variety of CAN controllers. This library currently supports the following controllers:

Since I have taken features from so many libraries I can’t tell what came from where, so in order not to violate any GPL, LGPL or any other license out there I am trying to give credit where credit is due. I am only a contributor to this library and some of the work here might not be mine. I can take credit in putting it together and releasing back to the public to make any variation as needed.

To start using this library, simply add the following two lines to your sketch:

#include <CAN.h>
#include <SPI.h> // required to resolve #define conflicts