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Push/Pull Factory - Sort hazardous materials and make tons of robot CA$H.

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Push/Pull Factory

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2 player action puzzle game.


You and a friend/enemy are two government contracted hazardous-materials sorting robots. Orders for 3 deadly elements; Lithium, Plutonium, and Uranium, are coming in fast. It's up to you to fulfill those orders!

Boxes will appear in any one of the three hatches in front of you. You can either pull a box into your own inventory, to fulfill your orders, or push boxes into your enemy's inventory and sabotage his order (his comission will be docked for giving the customer too much product)!

When the timer buzzes, the robot with the most cash wins!


Resources Used

- Language: Haxe
- Graphics Library: NME
- Tweening: Actuate
- Font: Hyperspace by Neale Davidson
- All graphics procedurally generated
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