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@@ -87,6 +87,28 @@ PDFKit comes with a middleware that allows users to get a PDF view of any page o
config.middleware.use PDFKit::Middleware, {}, :only => '/public'
config.middleware.use PDFKit::Middleware, {}, :only => ['/invoice', '/public']
+## Troubleshooting
+* **Single thread issue:** In development environments it is common to run a
+ single server process. This can cause issues when rendering your pdf
+ requires wkhtmltopdf to hit your server again (for images, js, css).
+ This is because the resource requests will get blocked by the initial
+ request and the initial request will be waiting on the resource
+ requests causing a deadlock.
+ This is usually not an issue in a production environment. To get
+ around this issue you may want to run a server with multiple workers
+ like Passenger or try to embed your resources within your HTML to
+ avoid extra HTTP requests.
+* **Resources aren't included in the PDF:** Images, CSS, or Javascript
+ does not seem to be downloading correctly in the PDF. This is due
+ to the fact that wkhtmltopdf does not know where to find those files.
+ Make sure you are using absolute paths (start with forward slash) to
+ your resources. If you are using PDFKit to generate pdfs from a raw
+ HTML source make sure you use complete paths (either file paths or
+ urls including the domain).
- add amd64 support in --install-wkhtmltopdf

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