Change Log

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v1.0.1 (07 Oct 2012)

  • Minor bug fixes.

v1.0.0 (04 Oct 2012)

  • Complete code refactor for better maintenance.
  • New classes DataReader and BinaryReader. The BufferedReader class has been deprecated.
  • Added new functions to BinaryReader: getOffset() and isOffsetOutOfWindow().
  • The skip function can move the offset backwards; a negative number of bytes can be skipped.
  • Added constants to move the offset to the start and end of window: BinaryReader.START_OF_WINDOW, BinaryReader.END_OF_WINDOW.
  • Added new setting to the BinaryReader constructor: fromEnd.
  • Some bug fixes.

v0.2.7 (17 Aug 2012)

  • Updated errno-codes module.

v0.2.6 (05 Aug 2012)

  • Better error management.

v0.2.5 (25 Jul 2012)

  • The buffered reader is closed automatically on error. There's no need to close it again from outside.

v0.2.4 (25 Jul 2012)

  • Fixed the byte offset in the buffer event when only a buffer event was set.
  • Fixed the last byte offset of any data event. Now the last byte offset is -1.
  • Added pause() and resume().

v0.2.3 (16 May 2012)

  • Improved read() performance when the line event is not configured.

v0.2.2 (13 May 2012)

  • Added a byteOffset parameter to the callback of emitted byte, character, line and buffer events. [1].

v0.2.1 (13 May 2012)

  • Improved read() performance. [1].

v0.2.0 (02 May 2012)

  • Fixed some bugs when the buffer had the same or less size than the bytes to read.
  • Now the constructor receives an object in literal notation for the settings.
  • Added start and end offsets parameters for limitting the range of the read.
  • Added a seek() function for moving the file cursor for the next reading operation.
  • Improved skip() performance. Now it calls to seek() function with the appropriate offset instead of reading the content into the buffer trying to simulate a jump.

v0.1.2 (29 Apr 2012)

  • Added skip() function to skip bytes.

v0.1.1 (25 Apr 2012)

  • Added interrupt() function to stop the file reading started with read().

v0.1.0 (25 Apr 2012)

  • New feature. Now it's possible to read a chunk of bytes using internal buffers.

v0.0.6 (21 Apr 2012)

  • Changed the way the module is required. Now can be required using var BufferedReader = require ("buffered-reader");

v0.0.5 (16 Apr 2012)

  • Removed getFileName() internal function.

v0.0.4 (12 Apr 2012)

  • Now read() can be called multiple times with the same BufferedReader instance.

v0.0.3 (11 Apr 2012)

  • Fixed bug with Windows end of lines.

v0.0.2 (11 Apr 2012)

  • First commit.