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v0.2.3 (11 Dec 2012)
Replaced "errno-codes" dependency by "error-provider".
v0.2.2 (11 Dec 2012)
Added "mode" and "start" to the "open()" parameters.
Added "writeln()".
Added "flush()".
Renamed "newLine()" by "line()".
v0.2.1 (09 Dec 2012)
An INVALID_DATA error is emitted if the data to write is invalid.
v0.2.0 (09 Dec 2012)
Complete code revision and refactor.
Removed "touch()".
Added "open()".
Minor improvements.
v0.1.12 (09 Oct 2012)
Minor bugfixes.
v0.1.11 (17 Aug 2012)
Updated errno-codes module.
v0.1.10 (05 Aug 2012)
Better error management.
v0.1.9 (24 Jul 2012)
Added touch() function.
v0.1.8 (22 Jul 2012)
Improved code when the data to write had a length of 0.
v0.1.7 (24 May 2012)
Fixed "error" event. Now is correctly emitted.
v0.1.6 (04 May 2012)
Wow... Fixed noob error.
v0.1.5 (04 May 2012)
Fixed bug when the data length exceeds the buffer size.
Fixed bug with utf8 encoding.
v0.1.4 (02 May 2012)
Now the constructor receives an object in literal notation for the settings.
The "close()" function now receives a callback for being notified when the
data has been flushed to the kernel and it's safe to read it back.
v0.1.3 (30 Apr 2012)
Improved number to hex array function.
v0.1.2 (29 Apr 2012)
Now it's possible to write more than one byte passing a number, eg.:
"write(0x1234)" will write 0x12, 0x34.
v0.1.1 (28 Apr 2012)
Fixed parameters in "write()" function.
v0.1.0 (28 Apr 2012)
No more callbacks. The buffer is flushed using a WriteStream.
v0.0.1 (28 Apr 2012)
First commit.