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Download as Spreadsheet support for Alfresco DataLists

This comes as two AMPs:

  • DataListDownloadShare.amp - Share Module
  • DataListDownloadRepo.amp - Repository (Alfresco) Module

The Share AMP provides a Dashlet which allows you to browse the DataLists defined in your site, then trigger an export of the selected DataList as one of:

  • Excel (xls)
  • Excel (xlsx)
  • CSV (csv)

There is partial, but incomplete support for:

  • OpenDocument Format (odf)

The Repository AMP provides the support for exporting DataLists as Spreadsheets. It builds upon the code in Alfresco, fixing various bugs present in the webscripts there, and extending them to add additional features and formats. (Attempts to get the fixes upstream into Alfresco have sadly not worked so far...)


The dashlet will show all datalists in the site, and give options to download or view, along with changing the default. It looks something like: Screenshot


The current version works with Alfresco Enterprise 4.1.4 and newer, Alfresco Community and Enterprise 4.2.x, and Alfresco Community and Enterprise/One 5.0.x. It ought to be fine for 5.1 and newer too, but that hasn't been tested.

Note that due to a breaking change in the DataModel API in late 2012, earlier versions of Alfresco are no longer supported. For a version to work with those older Alfresco's, use a version of this library from early 2013 instead.

Note also that as this builds as an AMP, it won't necessarily apply easily to Alfresco 5.2 or Alfresco 6 builds, which are moving towards using Jars and Jar Modules. Some changes may be needed in late 2016 once the plan for thos is clear!

To build, simply run "ant", and the two AMPs will be produced in the /build/dist/ directory. Install them to Share and the Alfresco Repository wars as normal.


Once you have built both the AMPs, install them to the respective WARs using the MMT jar, and restart Tomcat. You'll do something like

java -jar alfresco-mmt.jar install DataListDownloadRepo.amp alfresco.war java -jar alfresco-mmt.jar install DataListDownloadShare.amp share.war

The export is handled by a site dashlet. On the site where you would like to export Data Lists, Customise the Dashboard and add the DataList Export Dashlet to your site. No configuration is required, just pick the DataList you'd like to export and the format to export in!

(Adding a "Download" option to the datalist actions menu section, next to "New Item" and "Selected Items" is a TODO)


The code is available under the LGPL v3 License, which is the same license that Alfresco itself is made available under.