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Installing Gestalt Platform on Kubernetes

Installer repository:


  • Kuberntes System requirements:
    • CPUs: 1 required, 2 recommended
    • Memory: 7.5 GiB required, 12 GiB recommended
    • Storage: Kubernetes Volume support or an external PostgreSQL database
    • "Cluster-Admin" access required
  • A workstation for running the installer running Mac OS or Linux
  • For Hosted installations (EKS, GKE, Azure, Digital Ocean, On-Prem):
    • DNS and Load Balancer / Ingress for Gestalt Portal
    • DNS and Load Balancer / Ingress for Kong API Gateway

Google Marketplace Installation

Gestalt Platform can be installed on GKE via Google Marketplace. See the GCP Installation Guide for details.

Installation for Local environments (Docker Desktop, Minikube)

Perform the following to install Gestalt Platform to your Kubernetes cluster:

kubectl config use-context <desired context>    # Change to the desired kubernetes context

git clone

cd gestalt-kubernetes-installer/installer

vi credentials.yaml               # Modify Gestalt 'admin' user credentials

./install-gestalt-platform        # Run the installation and follow the on-screen prompts

Installation for Hosted installations (that require DNS)

This applies to AWS/EKS, GKE, AKS, or any environment requiring DNS to access Kubernetes cluster services.

Step 1 - Infrastructure Setup

Note that two services (Gestalt Portal, Kong API Gateway) need to be exposed externally on the Kubernetes cluster using either a Load Balancer / Ingress solution, or using NodePorts. DNS is typically required for Load Balancers / Ingress.

Step 2 - Configure and Run the Installer

cd installer

# Step 1 - Create a Profile directory for your enviornment. For example, name the profile 'my-target-cluster'

cp -r profiles/custom profiles/my-target-cluster

# Step 2 - Edit the profile config file with your intended DNS settings:

vi profiles/my-target-cluster/config.yaml

    Change the following to match intended DNS settings:


# Step 3 - Run the installer with the profile

./install-gestalt-platform my-target-cluster

Additional installation instructions

Refer to the installation instructions appropriate for your environment:

Additional resources