A Meta CLI that configures DCOS for multiple providers
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A Meta CLI that configures DCOS for multiple providers. This CLI will allow you to locate a provider for your org, workspace, and environment. This provider will then be used to configure the DCOS CLI to use as a marathon provider.



The first requirement is to install the DCOS command line utility which can be found here : https://github.com/mesosphere/dcos-cli

Follow the directions for installing the DCOS CLI and be sure that you have added it to your path. There is an instruction for how to add the cli to your path on the github page.


The meta-dcos will be delivered as an artifact, but if you are building this yourself then you can use the command sbt update clean compile assembly.

This will place the fat-jar file into the directory target/scala_2.11/. Once this has been done you can use the meta-dcos script located in the root directory of this project.


There is a sample script in the root directory called meta-dcos which will invoke the jar that contains the CLI. If you simply run the CLI with no parameters you will be prompted to enter the Meta connection info. You may also pass this connection info as paramters when invoking the CLI.

CLI Arguments

  • meta-url - This is the URL where the meta instance is located that contains the provider information (e.g. http://meta.dev.galacticfog.com:443)
  • user - This is the username for the user that will be used to communicate with meta
  • password - The password for the meta user
  • environment - The fully qualified resource name (FQRN) for the environment to use
  • provider - The name of the provider to configure for DCOS

A one-liner version of the meta-dcos command line execution would look like this :

./meta-dcos --user=foo --password=bar --meta-url=https://meta.dev.galacticfog.com --environment=pepsi/engineering/dev --provider=PepsiCo-Provider-1

If you would like to use the menu to find the org and environment you can leave off those parameters :

./meta-dcos --user=foo --password=bar --meta-url=https://meta.dev.galacticfog.com

If you would like to use the wizard for all input the minimal invokation would look like this :