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#pragma once
#include "btree.h"
namespace mongo {
* build btree from the bottom up
template< class V >
class BtreeBuilder {
typedef typename V::KeyOwned KeyOwned;
typedef typename V::Key Key;
bool dupsAllowed;
IndexDetails& idx;
/** Number of keys added to btree. */
unsigned long long n;
/** Last key passed to addKey(). */
auto_ptr< typename V::KeyOwned > keyLast;
BSONObj order;
Ordering ordering;
/** true iff commit() completed successfully. */
bool committed;
DiskLoc cur, first;
BtreeBucket<V> *b;
void newBucket();
void buildNextLevel(DiskLoc);
void mayCommitProgressDurably();
BtreeBuilder(bool _dupsAllowed, IndexDetails& _idx);
* Preconditions: 'key' is > or >= last key passed to this function (depends on _dupsAllowed)
* Postconditions: 'key' is added to intermediate storage.
void addKey(BSONObj& key, DiskLoc loc);
* commit work. if not called, destructor will clean up partially completed work
* (in case exception has happened).
void commit();
unsigned long long getn() { return n; }
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