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Learn the normal patterns of using Git and GitHub
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Learn GitHub

with Jupyter Notebooks

Azure Notebooks Binder Slides

Setting up

In this workshop we will learn some common ways of interacting with Git and GitHub.

To follow along with this interactive workshop you will need a free Microsoft account and a free GitHub account. You can follow the links to create these accounts now, or you can create them when they are needed during the workshop.

You can also find a set of accompanying Google Slides at Slides.

Getting started

To start the workshop you can use either Microsofts Azure or MyBinder. Microsoft Azure is the preferred way as notebook 4 cannot be followed on MyBinder.

  • Microsoft Azure Azure Notebooks

    Click the link Azure Notebooks. This will take you to a new webpage that will ask you to import the repository. Click the Import button. You will then be asked to sign in with you Microsoft account. If you haven't already created one then you can create one now. Once you have logged in you will see a new window Create New Library.

    You can leave all of the setting as their defaults. Press Import. Once the import has finished click on the link learn-github. Finally right click on the file 1-introduction.ipynb and press Run In JupyterLab (j).

  • MyBinder Binder

    Click the link Binder. This will automatically take you to a webpage where your interactive environment will be created and the 1-introduction.ipynb will be opened for you.


This workshop was inspired by the fantastic git-it-electron created by Jessica Lord and built on a previous tutorial presented by Duncan Macleod.

I've completed this workshop 🎉


learn-github is released under the MIT license.

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