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APBD theme options

By Muhammad Asadullah Al Galib


This options framework is an extended version of Codestar Framework which works with any WordPress theme. This options panel has the follwoing features:

  • Global and Logo settings
  • Header options settings
  • Navigation Menu options
  • Blog Page options
  • Footer options
  • Soical Profiles
  • Typography settings
  • Extra css and js options
  • Options panel backup panel


  • Well coded theme
  • Manually include the options value inside your theme using wp_head filter

Get started

  1. Copy this repository inside your theme.
  2. Add framework include code on your theme themename/functions.php file
require_once dirname( __FILE__ ) .'/APBD-theme-options/theme-options-and-metabox.php';
// -(or)-
require_once get_template_directory() .'/APBD-theme-options/theme-options-and-metabox.php';


If you find any difficulties, feel free to contact me here:

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