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Free Photos from Pixabay by using their API, built with love and ReactJS
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This project is a starter project built using ReactJS, the common feature create-react-app. This is an starter project to make a gallery of Pixabay photos by usign their APIs. The search features is included here.

Available Scripts

In the project directory, you can run:

npm start

Runs the app in the development mode.
Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in the browser.

The page will reload if you make edits.
You will also see any lint errors in the console.

npm test

Launches the test runner in the interactive watch mode.
See the section about running tests for more information.

npm run build

Builds the app for production to the build folder.
It correctly bundles React in production mode and optimizes the build for the best performance.

The build is minified and the filenames include the hashes.
Your app is ready to be deployed!

See the section about deployment for more information.

Package Built

In the package root directory, you will find a directory called 'build', that is the static version of this project and you can run it on any static server. Please use your own API from Pixabay developer site. It's free to create one from here:

Knock me if you any question!

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