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How to Upgrade

If you are running an older version, shut it down. Wait until it has completely shut down (which might take a few minutes for older versions), then run the installer (on Windows) or just copy over /Applications/Galilel-Qt (on Mac) or galileld/galilel-qt (on Linux).


Galilel Core is extensively tested on multiple operating systems using the Linux kernel, macOS 10.10+, and Windows 7 and later.

Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8th, 2014, No attempt is made to prevent installing or running the software on Windows XP, you can still do so at your own risk but be aware that there are known instabilities and issues. Please do not report issues about Windows XP to the issue tracker.

Apple released it's last Mountain Lion update August 13, 2015, and officially ended support on December 14, 2015. Galilel Core software starting with v3.3.0 will no longer run on macOS versions prior to Yosemite (10.10). Please do not report issues about macOS versions prior to Yosemite to the issue tracker.

Galilel Core should also work on most other Unix-like systems and is frequently tested on Arch Linux, Fedora and Ubuntu.

Notable Changes

zGALI Public Spends

Recent exploits of the Zerocoin protocol (Wrapped serials and broken P1 proof) required us to enable the zerocoin spork and deactivate zGALI functionality in order to secure the supply until the pertinent review process was completed.

Moving forward from this undesired situation, we are enabling a secure and chain storage friendly solution for the zerocoin public spend (aka zGALI to GALI conversion).

The explanation of how this works can be found in #27

After block 681,000 has past, SPORK_16 will be deactivated to allow zGALI spends to occur using this new public spend method for version 2 zGALI (version 1 zGALI is not in our chain, see note below). zGALI public spends, as the name suggests, are NOT private, they reveal the input mint that is being spent. The minting of NEW zGALI, as well as zGALI staking will remain disabled for the time being.

It is advised that users spend/convert their existing zGALI to GALI, which can be done via the GUI or RPC as it was prior to the disabling of zGALI. Note that with the public spend method, the restriction on the number of denominations per transaction (previously 7) has been lifted, and now allows for several hundred denominations per transaction.

Note on version 1 zGALI: Version 1 zGALI was never available in our chain because we ported it from PIVX while v2 was already active.

Many thanks to furszy and random-zebra and the whole PIVX team for this brilliant work.


Galilel Core v3.4.0 introduces new consensus rules for scripting pathways to support the BIP65 standard. This is being carried out as a soft-fork in order to provide ample time for stakers to update their wallet version.

GUI Changes

Cloud Bootstrap

The wallet now supports fast bootstrap from the latest blockchain snapshot in the cloud or from file. The snapshots are build inside data center on weekly base. The default is to run bootstrap from the cloud, obviously user need to trust our domain for valid blockchain bootstrap archive. However user can still deselect it and run regular P2P blockchain sync.

You can also run the bootstrap from within the wallet under Tools -> Blockchain Bootstrap. Also it is possible to bootstrap the blockchain via -bootstrap parameter, useful for galileld running as daemon.

It is also possible to pass a archive on command line via -bootstrap=<filename>, created by the user. This file must include the following folders from a synchronized wallet:


Options Dialog Cleanup

The options/settings UI dialog has been cleaned up to no longer show settings that are wallet related when running in "disable wallet" (-disablewallet) mode.

Privacy Tab

Notice text has been added to the privacy tab indicating that zGALI minting is disabled, as well as the removal of UI elements that supported such functionality. Notice text has also been added indicating that zGALI spends are currently NOT private.

RPC Changes

Removal of Deprecated Commands

The masternode and mnbudget RPC commands, which were marked as deprecated in PIVX Core v2.3.1 (September 19, 2017), have now been completely removed from Galilel Core to align it with the upstream version. Several new commands were added in previous version already to replace the two aforementioned commands, reference the upstream PIVX v2.3.1 Release Notes for further details.

New getblockindexstats Command

A new RPC command (getblockindexstats) has been introduced which serves the purpose of obtaining statistical information on a range of blocks. The information returned is as follows:

  • transaction count (not including coinbase/coinstake txes)
  • transaction count (including coinbase/coinstake txes)
  • zGALI per-denom mint count
  • zGALI per-denom spend count
  • total transaction bytes
  • total fees in block range
  • average fee per kB

Command Reference:

getblockindexstats height range ( fFeeOnly )
nReturns aggregated BlockIndex data for blocks
height, height+1, height+2, ..., height+range-1]

1. height             (numeric, required) block height where the search starts.
2. range              (numeric, required) number of blocks to include.
3. fFeeOnly           (boolean, optional, default=False) return only fee info.


  first_block: x,              (integer) First counted block
  last_block: x,               (integer) Last counted block
  txcount: xxxxx,              (numeric) tx count (excluding coinbase/coinstake)
  txcount_all: xxxxx,          (numeric) tx count (including coinbase/coinstake)
  mintcount: {              [if fFeeOnly=False]
        denom_1: xxxx,         (numeric) number of mints of denom_1 occurred over the block range
        denom_5: xxxx,         (numeric) number of mints of denom_5 occurred over the block range
         ...                    ... number of mints of other denominations: ..., 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000
  spendcount: {             [if fFeeOnly=False]
        denom_1: xxxx,         (numeric) number of spends of denom_1 occurred over the block range
        denom_5: xxxx,         (numeric) number of spends of denom_5 occurred over the block range
         ...                    ... number of spends of other denominations: ..., 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000
  pubspendcount: {          [if fFeeOnly=False]
        denom_1: xxxx,         (numeric) number of PUBLIC spends of denom_1 occurred over the block range
        denom_5: xxxx,         (numeric) number of PUBLIC spends of denom_5 occurred over the block range
         ...                   ... number of PUBLIC spends of other denominations: ..., 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000
  txbytes: xxxxx,              (numeric) Sum of the size of all txes (zGALI excluded) over block range
  ttlfee: xxxxx,               (numeric) Sum of the fee amount of all txes (zGALI mints excluded) over block range
  ttlfee_all: xxxxx,           (numeric) Sum of the fee amount of all txes (zGALI mints included) over block range
  feeperkb: xxxxx,             (numeric) Average fee per kb (excluding zc txes)

Build System Changes

New Architectures for Depends

The depends system has new added support for the s390x and ppc64el architectures. This is done in order to support the future integration with Snapcraft, as well as to support any developers who may use systems based on such architectures.

Update Type

Optional Soft fork Hard fork
No No Yes

Changelog v3.4.0


  • #27 a87a206 [zGALI] Public Spend with broken P1 proof
  • #34 673f80d PIVX upstream fixes for wallet crash
  • #35 7087289 Zerocoin public spend activation and RISC-V build fix
  • 4927a9c5f54f2d0297c18c270e132a504c9659e3 [Performances] Decrease the number of wasted CPU cycles
  • d2a30bc5ed13bbdf896fffdb07b113eea2933bd3 [Main] Don't return an invalid state when shutting down the wallet
  • efe0af2da3868915e918e39d902f41d7cba3ceb9 [Consensus] Time checks
  • fad26b38cc94c3fc30d4a5fd0d582f7319fb51b9 [Backport] Max tip age to consider a node in IBD status customizable.
  • d32ddad86d103ac48b49f2c34b27151e1e6ea972 [Zerocoin] GMP BigNum: Fix limits for random number generators
  • 721454b3eb9d93a694430f24a2e09e1a53fbf920 [Zerocoin] remove CTransaction::IsZerocoinSpend/IsZerocoinMint
  • 66032505caa47503777874626873c46a06a8d3ba [Zerocoin] Final activation block for public spend in mainnet

Build System

  • 92e73842160b422e82cf298c550eb5e4ef053841 [Build] Update debian contrib files
  • 9793fc1e6e78d1daa23c6941ba4e2093c182aed3 [Depends] Fix archs (fixes s390x and ppc64el builds on snap)
  • 8b9f75d66f51f9eff6da4d8f4ce51d0cce686f86 [Gitian] Bump gitian build versions
  • 13c91f14e4673f5e598edc4ee2230d7f846ff825 [Depends] Update from upstream
  • 909a97a8fdfe362df97e58d648e761de65cf4b39 [Build] TravisCI Update
  • a4ce0e6fff28b90d1b0c194c37061e0ea78bbd28 [Travis] Show functional tests progress
  • 3f9334f082bea9d39eda1da771d45305a364b99f [Build] Add info about '--with-unsupported-ssl'
  • 495bbfc5d817075d803433d94194ad988cc374a8 [Travis] Increase parallel build jobs
  • e293c696d0848426d42c60e43b09492ca8fbdd07 [Build] Fixed macOS building of cloud bootstrap feature
  • 327374ceae186a92d4d98af6c25c9fcb8385899f [Travis] Added curl development package to auto build scenarios
  • bb8b0e1569a819485a3e878d7c25fcf961695d89 [Tests] Fixed boost sharing violation while running win32/64 tests simultaneously
  • 9013b14dcb612b19c684115f788ce2b90b572953 [Travis] Removed useless extra whitespaces
  • 46c67db3df4d07fcb6b2797ad9b062e14258f6dd [Build] Add -fPIC to libcurl to fix relocation R_RISCV_HI20 error


  • #26 e238e0a [UI] Cleanups
  • #33 49b41db Bootstrap from the cloud or file
  • 1e0688abb336303fb09628484fc343218ab73263 [QT] Fix a display bug about zPIV mints
  • 7de668cb4ba416202ce6433eef821ab868a8eecf [UI] Simplify Qt margins.
  • fce4883c73b6590e503a37117486e7d723363bed [Qt] receivecoinsdialog - add 'Receiving Addresses' button
  • bc2883e4da0042a3dfec856fec4eb3fe5b026b66 [Qt] Add new budget colors
  • 2d86a58422471128932fc6a7dae78c15d257ab29 [UI] Fix improperly parented walletView and segmentation fault on QT 5.10
  • c4470c9cf5b3aa53145f339cee997f3029234dc7 [Qt] Fixup duplicate label names
  • 938c4476a96468b4a9be060cbe55d2f9f95cf629 [QT] Options UI cleanup
  • ecdbc31684c5d7754ecc652d4cce158fa49b1a70 [Qt] Update Translations
  • a2dd6274a45f49035553f678025fc9ed513b46c4 [Qt] Add blockhash + datadir to information tab
  • cca0323d55c747c6225662ddb3f3d625555a33c7 [UI] Add better icon to distinguish between lock and unlock state


  • 023506126222ec99977c207139bfb0df74258d64 [RPC] Remove deprecated masternode/budget RPC commands
  • d7d2d0be19825e6d8cde08ab6f91d68199699532 [RPC] Fix typos and oversights in listunspent
  • e4ba50a888e96d959739709b137231651c8c87bb [RPC] add 'getblockindexstats' function


  • 17d9f27afc6f307cbadeff5d85c05768efaf56f2 [Refactoring] [Move Only] Move wallet files into their own folder
  • 634f7baf7177ff7eb7387319fb6334a44bc8ec78 [Staking] Don't assert if we were beaten to the block

Test Suites

  • #25 b7cabef [Tests] Updated with upstream tests to bring GALI on par with PIVX/BTC
  • b406e53375008b941fb60e50f60ec05dafc06cd3 [Tests] Added better minizip test case to pass win32/64
  • bb8b0e1569a819485a3e878d7c25fcf961695d89 [Tests] Fixed boost sharing violation while running win32/64 tests simultaneously
  • c23c95c4cf8b6178acca6b65e0cdeeafe1189387 [Tests] Linter fixes for trailing whitespaces
  • 87cd16509bcf78bc3e69cf00707e2bcef3e18163 [Tests] Added context, curl and minizip test scenarios
  • d631e27582c92574beb63256b0f9995521a16c81 [Tests] Minor correction to documentation of regression test framework


  • 68072f198bd0485d7f0cf68c1f15d6ccd3e7285a [Doc] Added
  • b703157cfc74b52aa28ebad0c8600c0be71f12d4 [Fix] We had Budget_SuperBlocks before PIVX had GetBudgetCycleBlocks, so removed it
  • 828ce9a73c37a1083ae413d86631960946ecf450 [Doc][Net] Update links and switch domain name to
  • c53a4577d8a00af7bcd2f5af032565fbdc7c8bb0 [Refactor] Refactor bignum header file into several files
  • a9355a430636c128822a6b40b749b9b7b55544d6 [Scripts] Add optimize pngs python script
  • 667fe2c462885888e0a591fadcf040503c011303 [Refactor] Remove stale obfuscation code
  • c29981189fb2dabb04ac63e92d3dc84cc502b376 [Refactor] Remove BOOST_FOREACH
  • 396c4ad85e9143e5a99c6c921f0c992a34fb937a [Refactor] Replace deprecated auto_ptr with unique_ptr
  • d9347dc473b308a36eac9058b8afb066122b9b88 [Refactor] Rename ui_interface.h file
  • 81f6276ba1a2c87bc87d9b95cfdda16daa9d6dca [Refactor] Remove unused setStakeSeen variable
  • 727b0467f359fdf1d040d2261948900dc1fa64c8 [Log] Handle errors during log message formatting
  • b0994b02277b6e4e911888e314ad6c3a71163e04 [zPIV] Free memory from ToString()
  • cb02ee17ec2f160e1655690a23086b9f3b5111cb [Cleanup] compiler warnings in coinSpend object.
  • a17b61401b7166ce91b0ef305d67c8e1f605c7db [zGALI] Debug missing jump line.


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  • ChristianGrieger
  • presstab
  • Fuzzbawls
  • Mrs-X
  • Warrows
  • cevap
  • furszy
  • random-zebra
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