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Galileo's Planet Pack adds a 3rd dimension ;) to kerbal Space Program. It places heavy emphasis on resources and the Community Resource Pack and as such they have been fine-tuned per planet, adding the real world challenge of knowing where not to expect certain resources, and the real world reward of finding resources where they're not expected. This will prompt MKS users to build bigger and SCANsats to SCAN harder.

There are special presets for several CRP-supported resources:

  • Every resource involved in USI Modular Kolonization System;
  • Some resources for Far future Technologies: LqdHelium3, LqdHydrogen, Antimatter;
  • ArgonGas and (Stock) XenonGas for Near Future Technologies (the NFT suite);
  • Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Ammonia, Methane for Kerbalism;
  • Karbonite, Karborundum for USI. Among the galilean planets players will find karbonite in very high, very useful amounts and as versatile as Ore and IntakeAir;
  • And about stock Ore. Whereas it is typically omnipresent in solar system mods that is not the case here. There are places where Ore will be very scarce and other places where it will never be found.

Resource Abilities

Starting on Gael and with the Karbonite mod installed, from here on referred to as [Ka] mod players will be enabled to:

  • Refuel while splashed and deploy ocean bases
    Water oceans contain karbonite instead of or alongside common Salt. Non-water oceans also contain karbonite. [Ka] mod supplies a radial attachable mining part for extracting karbonite (and water) from oceans. It's time to reinvent water sports.
  • Elcano an ocean world
    See first point.
  • Refuel while in space
    Karbonite gathers in bands or virtual spherical volumes around planets. The radius and girth of these volumes vary per planet and per save). There may even be holes in these volumes. There is at least one particle collector part that works in this situation.
  • Use atmospheric engines with something other than Oxygen and Atomics
    [Ka] mod supplies such engines. They require IntakeAtm and Karbonite itself, also supplied through karb-harvesting atmospheric scoops. The scoops also harvest Argon and Xenon, good for topping up probes and manned ion-driven vessels deployed by Extraplanetary Launchpads.
  • Make SolidFuel VTOLs and fire-spitting monster trucks
    Karbonite is a SolidFuel-type resource. [Ka] mod supplies refillable Ka-SRB engines alongside Ka-rocket engines. Using the aforementioned atmosphere scoops and small karbonite rocket engines, skycranes and air platforms (armed or not), and race cars suddenly get a whole lot better.
  • Refuel without docking or landing
  • Refuel without Ore!
    Some places will have nearly or completely no Ore (that should be no shocking news to anyone), but with the high emphasis on resources, it is now always a good idea to bring some mining gear from [Ka] mod.
  • Recharge batteries
    There are two sizes of karb-electric generators with several times the power of stock fuel cells. They're very good for when nuclear and solar power aren't practical.
  • Complement life support and cryogenic systems
    [Ka] mod's ISRU parts provide the added options to produce Water, Oxygen and LqdHydrogen from Karbonite. Water and Oxygen are directly required by TAC Life Support, and LqdHydrogen is the fuel of choice for Cryogenic Engines.


Atmosphere compositions (when percentages are shown) in the dossier images account for the presence of usable atmospheric resources. All atmospheres have a resource buffer, but simply, not all percentages are shown.

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